UGIS 120

UGIS120 Introduction to Applied Language Studies 

(3 units) – CCN 89900
Instructor: Prof. Claire Kramsch
T Th 2-3:30 156 Dwinelle

Catalogue description

This course is an introduction to the study of language as applied to real-world problems in specific situations in which people use and learn languages, e.g., language learning and teaching, language socialization, bilingualism and multilingualism, language policy and planning , computer-mediated communication, stylistics, translation, intercultural communication, language and symbolic power, political and commercial rhetoric. In each of these cases, language at once represents, expresses and is a metaphor for reality. The course explores such questions as: How do people acquire a language that is not their own and how does this affect their social and cultural identity? How do people not only say things but do things with words? How does language both reflect and construct values, beliefs and ideologies? How can language both create problems and help solve them in the real world of politics, religion and academia? Three hours lecture and discussion per week. Fieldwork: observation and analysis of language-related real world problems.