Applied Language Studies


Five upper division courses from a cross-disciplinary list: the core course, UGIS 120 Introduction to Applied Language Studies, and four electives. The following elective courses will count toward this minor; others might be added at a later date. They consist of upper division courses and graduate seminars that undergraduates may take with permission of the instructor. All courses should be taken for a letter grade. Students may only share one class between their major and the ALS minor.

Upper Division Requirements (five total)

Core course 

UGIS 120: Introduction to Applied Language Studies
(All students must take this course; it is usually offered in fall)

Elective courses (4 required):

  • AFAM Studies 115: Language and Social Issues in Africa
  • Anthropology 107: Evolution of the Brain and Language
  • Anthropology 166: Language, Culture and Society
  • Anthropology 169C: Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
  • College Writing 121: Issues in Teaching English Internationally
  • Cuneiform 100A: Elementary Akkadian
  • Education 132: Language Learning in Chicanx/Latinx Communities
  • Education 140AC: Literacy: Individual and Societal Development
  • Education W140A: The Art of Making Meaning: Educational Perspectives on Literacy and Learning in a Global World
  • Education 143: Introduction to Teaching English
  • Education 150 001 – Advanced Studies in Education, Language Learning in Chicanx/Latinx Communities
  • Education 154: Language in/and the World
  • Education 188F: Language, Race, and Power in Education
  • English 179: Literature and Linguistics: the Linguistics of the Language Arts
  • French 103B: Language and Culture
  • French 148: Translation and Debate (taught in French)
  • French 138: French for Teaching and Related Careers (taught in French)
  • French 146: Introduction to French Linguistics (taught in French)
  • French 147: Special Topics in French Linguistics (taught in French)
  • French 173: Linguistics and Literature (taught in French)
  • French 201: History of the French language
  • German 103: Introduction to German Linguistics
  • ISF 100C: Language and Identity
  • Japanese 161: Introduction to Japanese Linguistics: Usage
  • Japanese 163: Translation: Theory and Practice
  • Letters and Science 180
  • Linguistics 100: Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • Linguistics 106: Metaphor
  • Linguistics 108: Psycholinguistics
  • Linguistics 109: Bilingualism
  • Linguistics 124: Discourse
  • Linguistics 127: Cross-cultural Verbal Art
  • Linguistics 128: Linguistic Analysis of Literature.
  • Linguistics 150: Sociolinguistics
  • Linguistics 150A: Concepts, Theories, and Methodologies of Sociolinguistics
  • Linguistics 151: Language and Gender
  • Linguistics 154: Language Revitalization: Theory and Practice
  • Linguistics 155AC: Language in the United States: a Capsule History
  • Psychology 143: Language Acquisition
  • Rhetoric 103B: Approaches & Paradigms in the History of Rhetorical Theory
  • Spanish 166: Language and Style
  • Spanish 166 Foreign Language Pedagogy and Second language acquisition (taught in Spanish)

Cross-Listed Courses

  • German C106/Education C145: Literacy through Literature
  • Linguistics/CogSci C104: The Mind, Language, and Politics
  • Linguistics C105/Cognitive Science C101: The Mind and Language
  • Linguistics C142/Cognitive Science C142 Language and Thought
  • Linguistics C146/Psych C143: Language Acquisition
  • Linguistics/Cognitive Science C147: Language Disorders
  • Linguistics C160/CogSci C140: Quantitative Methods in Linguistics
  • Psychology/Cognitive Science C124: Psycholinguistics

Graduate Courses (require instructor permission)

  • Anthropology 270B: Fundamentals of Language in Context
  • Education 240A: Language Study for Educators
  • Education 240C: Issues in First and Second Language Acquisition
  • Education 245A: Approaches to teaching English as a second language
  • Education 250C: Discourse Analysis
  • Education 250B: Second Language Acquisition
  • Education 250D: Language and Identity
  • French 206: Special Topics in French Linguistics
  • Psychology 290: Language Throughout the Lifespan


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