Weeks 1-3: Descriptions of Language

Speech act theory, ethnomethodology (Austin, Goffman)
Pragmatics, discourse/ conversation analysis (Kasper, Schegloff)
Communicative practices (Gumperz, Ochs, Hanks)
Sociocultural theories (Lantolf) 
Complexity theory, language ecology (Larsen-Freeman)

Weeks 4-6: Language, culture and identity

Language, thought, and culture (Sapir/Whorf, Slobin, Kramsch)
Language and identity (Norton)
Language and gender (Cameron, Tannen) 
Bi- and multilingualism (Pavlenko, Jessner)
Post-modern sociolinguistics (Blommaert, Rampton) 

Weeks 7-9: Language learning, language education

Second language acquisition (Ellis)
Language socialization (Baquedano-Lopez) 
Technology and language teaching (Kern)
Second language literacy (Kern)
Stylistics and translation studies (Widdowson) 

Weeks 10-13: Real world matters

Language policy and planning (Lo bianco)
Language testing (McNamara, Shohamy)
Language and ideology (Fairclough, Lakoff)
Linguistic imperialism, World Englishes (Canagarajah, Pennycook)
Political and commercial rhetoric; the uses of humor (Cameron)