Required readings

Approx. 60 pages of reading per week

Weekly reaction journals

based on two or three questions on each set of readings for the week. The journals will be collected and graded every three weeks


Three times during the semester, students will be asked to collect empirical language data from various sources, e.g., interviews, classrooms, courtrooms, informal conversations, online interactions, newspaper reports. They will be asked to offer a brief analysis and interpretation of the data, using the tools discussed in the readings (and in the case of spoken data, to transcribe them). This fieldwork will apply the insights gained from the readings to concrete cases of language learning and use in various settings.

No mid-term

An informal evaluation based on the reaction journals and the fieldwork to date will enable the instructor to identify students at risk by the middle of the term.


3 hour final, books closed, during finals period. The final will evaluate the students' knowledge of the basic notions, theories, and historical developments in the field of Applied Language Studies.